End of Lease Cleaning

For homeowners who feel that end of lease cleaning is a daunting task, let us do the job for you. When you choose our cleaning packages, you are sure to get satisfactory services for your requirements. First of all our professional experts will carry out assessment of your premises and then accordingly give you rough estimate of time, they will require for carrying out the cleaning task.

The end of lease cleaning services offered by us comprises of cleaning all areas of bathroom, bedroom, hallways, kitchen and living room. Our cleaning experts will thoroughly clean every nook and corner of your home thoroughly, leaving it neat and clean for the new tenants. Besides cleaning, we also carry out sanitizing for all the tight spots and corners, which are often overlooked during the cleaning process. We also offer you last minute lease cleaning services, so that you don’t lose your bond.

Carpet Cleaning

If you want to bestow a fresh and neat look to your home, then it requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Vacuuming can sometimes fail in removing deep hidden dirt, grime and other harmful substances, which becomes ingrained into fibres of your rugs or carpets. Therefore, to get your carpets cleaned thoroughly, you can rely on our carpet cleaning services.

Our professional team makes use of the best cleaning solutions and cutting edge equipment to clean your carpet thoroughly. Before they start with the cleaning process, they will explain you in detail about the cleaning process right from the inspection to the completion of the work. This will give you a fair idea regarding cleaning methods and techniques followed by us. With our carpet cleaning services, you can expect thorough cleaning and sanitisation of your carpets. The result would be neat and clean carpet, which adds to the beauty of your flooring and house.


  • Hygienic solutions and efficient services
  • Affordable cost and timely service
  • Trained and certified staff
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Varied range of cleaning services
  • Use of advanced technology and non hazardous cleaning solutions

Our services for after party cleaning

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End of Lease Cleaning
3 BedRoom End of Lease Cleaning
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