End Of Lease Cleaning Tips To Get Back Your Bond

Have you decided to move out from your rental property? You will have to give the property
a complete cleaning before giving the keys back to the owner. While this may not sound
interesting, leaving the property looking sparkling clean can help you get the bond back.
Make sure that any damages incurred during the tenancy period or caused by you are
replaced. Give enough time to yourself to perform end of lease cleaning Adelaide efficiently
to ensure best cleaning and examination of the property to your benefit.

How you do the exit cleaning Adelaide completely depends on you. The property owner
cannot force you to employ any specific exit cleaning Adelaide company to perform the
cleaning. The best and the cheapest way to carry out the end of lease cleaning is doing it
yourself. It will save you some moving-out costs.

Before you begin the cleaning, make sure that you contact the Letting Agent or the Property
Owner and request the inspection checklist. To complete the cleaning thoroughly, the
cleaning should be done based on the checklist. To pass the inspection, you should usually
clean the following:

The Oven and Hob

If an oven isn’t cleaned regularly, it can build up a thick deposit of household dust, burnt
food deposit, grease, and grimes. It is the hardest cleaning job that needs lots of time, energy,
and harsh cleaning chemicals. As tiring and difficult this is, ensure that it is done to its ideal
condition. It’s interesting to note down that an oven is generally the first item to be checked
during an inspection procedure.
Make sure that you don’t left out the hob. The burners, racks, switches, handles, baking trays,
and every similar surface should be cleaned.

The Kitchen

Ensure to remove everything from your kitchen’s shelves and cupboards. Remove the
deposits and crumbs and wipe it clean using a dry cloth. Take out every appliance and wash
behind and beneath the walls. Make sure that every appliance is cleaned thoroughly including
the dishwasher soap tray and filter and the washing machine. Thoroughly clean the
refrigerator and leave its doors open to avoid mould. Remove all the trays, cabinets, and
racks to ensure that they are in best shape.

The Bathroom

You should wipe everything in all the bathrooms including the bath, sink, tiles, toilets,
mirrors, and every accessory inside the bathroom. Check the drains and plug holes to make
sure that they are clear of any blockages and enable continuous water run-off. You should
also check all the metallic surfaces including the shower, drain grates, and faucets. Remove
limescale, soap scum, and mould build-up. Ensure to clean any plugged hole in the shower so
that it runs properly.

The Living room

Dust and vacuum the living room to perfection. Remove all the items from the shelves and
clean all the cabinets, coffee table, bookshelves, TV set, and every cupboard. Since the living

room generally features extensive decorations and full bookshelves, you may have to clean
many awkward items and surfaces. This can be quite time-consuming.

The Furniture

You should vacuum all the furniture and wash them using a dry wash solution. The furniture
should be clean of any hair, smells, and bad odour. Look for any scratches, dings, and scuff
marks on the wooden upholstery. Rub the scratches and scuff marks with almonds or coffee

The Rugs and Carpets

If you want he rugs and carpets to look like new again, then the best methods to get this done
is with a steam cleaner. In case you do not have one, you will have to hire a professional to
do this for you. Wipe the carpets using a wire brush and vacuum all of them to remove dirt
and hair.

The Walls

Look for scuff marks present on the walls. If possible, wash them off, or else paint them
using a same color emulsion. This is mainly important if there are many marks.

The Garden

The garden area may need some cleaning as well as tidying up. Clean away dirt and leaves
from the courtyard area. Ensure to keep the flower beds in proper order and also mow the

The Curtains

You should also wash the curtains. Read their washing instructions before washing them. If it
is something too much, you can call a dry cleaner to do it for you. You can simply dust the
fabric blinds and curtain rods in the property. You can dust both the sides of the blinds and
replace or repair them if they are not presentable.

Meeting the above-mentioned cleaning demands can guarantee the bond back and also save
you from lots of problems that generally arise with exit cleaning.

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